Funniest Cat Videos On The Web

Smiling Cat

With the abundance of websites dedicated to funny cats on the web, we thought we'd do a little digging of our own to find out what the fuss is all about with cats on the web. (Apart from being cat fans of course.) Well here's some interesting information about funny cat videos we found in our research.

We started by looking at how many people search for the term "funny cat videos" in Google worldwide and the result was astounding to say the least.

We found that 165.000 people search for that term or a variation of it worldwide every single month. This of course was a bit of a surprise. When we dug a little deeper and found that 110,000 of those searches came from the United States, and the United Kingdom came in at a distant second place with 12,100 monthly searches.

The second surprise was the sheer number of websites dedicated specifically to videos about cats doing funny stuff. Google has a staggering 416.000 websites built around that topic. That is a little under 2 websites for each searcher.

A third surprise was the sheer number of videos that came up in Youtube. At last check earlier this year the count was at about 389,000 videos, all featuring cats. What was not a surprise however is that Youtube and DailyMotion go head to head for this term.

Amazingly, we also found that the average cat video on Youtube has over 100.000 views. Some of the videos the highest views run into the millions. In fact, we found one particular videos with over 98.000.000 (yes, that 98 million views) for a single video about cats. Interestingly enough the largest majority of videos about cats on the net are curated or compilations of other peoples videos.

Funny Cat Videos Conclusion

What does this say about our relationship with felines? Well the numbers don't lie, we just freaking love cats!